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A podcast that looks at various topics through the lens of wisdom traditions. Panel discussions on Challenge 2.0 and Wisdom From Our Neighborhood take different approaches to sharing the stories and expertise of our guests.

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Terry Kyllo will interview Rabbi Jim Mirel and Sikh leader Jasmit Singh on Kristallnacht and the impact of violence against houses of prayer, the impact it has on those communities, the nation as a whole and what we can do about it. 


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In last week’s edition of Challenge 2.0, we examined the low voter turnout in this country and what that suggests about our sense of hope in the present and the future. Today, we talk with veteran journalists and new political candidates to examine what can be done to re-invigorate our democracy, our sense of hope and our sense of connection with others.


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Our country’s reported voter turnout is among the lowest in the developed nations of the world . That’s one reason The Economist magazine recently ranked the United States 25th in an assessment of the strength of our democracy. Our country didn’t even make the top 20…and it represents a continued decline. Why don’t more people participate in elections and what does that indicate about our sense of hope for our present and our future. We’ll examine those questions in this episode of Challenge 2.0 
Among the great tragedies of the Corona Virus Pandemic is the inability to be physically present with friends or family who are hospitalized. That’s especially true of those who are dying. The Pacific Northwest Interfaith Amigos, Rabbi Ted Falcon, Pastor Dave Brown and Imam Jamal Rahman return in this episode of Challenge 2.0 to examine the wounds created by the grief of not being able to say goodbye. They also offer thoughtful strategies to heal those wounds.

The physical threat of the Corona Virus is obvious. We only have to look at the daily statistics of those infected and the fatalities. The more subtle danger is the impact of both the virus and social separation on our emotional health. In this episode of Challenge 2.0, we welcome the return of the Interfaith Amigos, Rabbi Ted Falcon, Pastor Dave Brown and Imam Jamal Rahman. They will examine the threat the Pandemic poses to our mental health, and offer strategies to find peace and resilience.

This episode will engage in deep conversation about the heart of the Abrahamic Traditions and how it can guide our lives as individuals and communities in relation to people of different cultures and religions. Now that we are all living together in our towns and cities, how can we be a part of a group while honoring other groups, sharing and receiving what we all have to offer? We will explore what the Abrahamic Tradition in its expressions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity propose about this crucial question.

Collectively, human beings are creating the conditions of an unparalleled ecological crisis. We will explore the relationship between the human being, the earth and all of life, explore the scope of the challenges we face and what the Abrahamic Traditions might offer us as we face them.

In the book of Genesis God says, “It is not good for the human to be alone.” Human beings need relationships to survive and thrive. Yet love for our in-group can lead to suspicion and even violence toward different cultures or religions. We will explore some of the challenges facing us as we engage with people of different cultures.

No Mountain Too High-Overcoming an addiction can seem like climbing a mountain. An impossibly high mountain. And there are many who find themselves on that trail. A federal study last year concluded that 32 million Americans aged twelve or older suffer from a substance abuse disorder. But therapists emphasize it’s just as important to focus on recovery rates...that many can and do reach ‘the summit’ of recovery. That’s the focus of this episode of Challenge 2.0-some remarkable stories realized through a program called Recovery BP.

Air Date: October 19th, 2019 at 7:30 AM on MeTV, carried through cable providers as well as DirectTV and Dish Network.

Host: Jeff Renner

Panelists: Mark Ursino, Dawn Brown, Shadow Behrends, Scott

The Evangelical/Fundamentalist movement has seemed to be a monolith of Christians embracing conservative politics. But news and social media sources have increasingly been documenting rifts in the movement. ‘Ex-vangelical’ and ‘Post-Evangelical’ are both growing Facebook pages, friended by those disillusioned by what they term right-wing politics. One of our guests today, a former southern Baptist minister, never thought those terms would apply to him. But that was before he met a young Muslim boy in a North Carolina coffee shop.

Air Date: November 10th, 2019 at 7:30 AM on MeTV, carried through cable providers as well as DirectTV and Dish Network.

Host: Jeff Renner

Panelists: Jeff Burns, Aneelah Afzali

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