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A podcast that looks at various topics through the lens of wisdom traditions. Panel discussions on Challenge 2.0 and Wisdom From Our Neighborhood take different approaches to sharing the stories and expertise of our guests.

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The United Nations calls it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing, and the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis. Nearly 700,000 Rohingya people have fled Myanmar, also known as Burma, in the last 18 months. But it’s a problem that first arose in the 1970’s when a military dictatorship seized power. In this episode of Challenge 2.0, we talk with an American who visited the refugee camps in Bangladesh, see his video, and hear from a Rohingya leader seeking help for his people.

The Rise of the Nones: Spiritual but Not Religious-Part Two. In last weeks’ episode of Challenge 2.0, we examined the rising number of people who no longer identify with any formal faith. Such people often refer to themselves as spiritual, but not religious, and are sometimes called ‘the Nones’, for the category listed on surveys. This week, we return to our conversation with a faith leader who is working to bridge the gap between ‘spiritual’ and ‘religious with a response to disengagement from faith and from each other.

Air Date: August 4th 2019 at 7:30 AM on MeTV, carried through cable providers as well as DirectTV and Dish Network.

Host:  Jeff Renner

Panelists: Father Carl Arico

Challenge 2.0 Overview

A 2013 Harris poll revealed 23% of all Americans classify themselves as ‘nones’; not having any religious affiliation. That percentage is growing and growing most rapidly among young people. Many identify as not religious, but spiritual. In this episode of Challenge 2.0, we’ll visit with one of the founding leaders of Contemplative Outreach, an ecumenical Christian organization seeking to re-invigorate the ancient monastic practice of silent prayer. Father Carl Arico will explore the trend and how the personal faith practice of silent prayer offers a response to disengagement from faith and from each other. 

Air Date: July 22nd 2019 at 7:30 AM on MeTV, carried through cable providers as well as DirectTV and Dish Network.

Host:  Jeff Renner

Panelists: Father Carl Arico

The caricature of television news used to be ‘if it bleeds, it leads’. Now, that seems to be less of a caricature than a simple reflection of reality on all media platforms. With changes in technology, ‘round the clock’ news cycles and binge-like social media usage, bad news is increasingly leading to bad emotional health. How can we bear bad news without emotional burnout, compassion fatigue or outright depression? 
Panelists: Rabbi Ted Falcon, Imam Jamal Rahman, and Pastor Don Mackenzie

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This episode of Challenge 2.0 continues the conversation of the previous episode. A physician known for his research into the relationship between gun ownership and violence responds to the demand by the National Rifle Association that doctors remain silent on that issue. He’s joined by the citizen sponsor of a successful initiative that raises the age for purchasing assault rifles, expands background checks and imposes a waiting period, and by two faith leaders who explore the emotional cost of what they call the continued epidemic of gun violence.

Find out more at https://www/[ On June 30th of 2016, a young man walked into a party held in the Seattle suburb of Mukilteo and opened fire with an assault rifle. He killed three and wounded a fourth young person. The father of the survivor became a citizen sponsor of an initiative for gun control that was approved by 59 percent of the voters. In this episode of Challenge 2.0, that father shares his story, and that of his son, together with shared perspectives from a physician and two faith leaders. Host: Jeff Renner Panelists: Bishop Greg Rickel, Rabbi Danny Weiner, Paul Kramer, and Dr. Fred Rivara

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The politics of the decade have been defined by anger and outrage. The Interfaith Amigos examine how that limits the effectiveness of activist groups why  faith practices offer ‘a deeper well’ for them to draw upon. The potential transformation is the subject of this edition of Challenge 2.0.

Host:  Jeff Renner

Panelists: Rabbi Ted Falcon, Imam Jamal Rahman, and Pastor Dave Brown

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It was called the Antiquities Act of 1906. It gave anthropologists, museums and private collectors free rein to loot native American graves and reservations. Almost a century later, a new federal law was passed to give native Americans an opportunity to reclaim artifacts and in some cases, the remains of their ancestors. What does the law do, does it go far enough and what more is needed? That’s the subject of this episode of Challenge 2.0. 

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Join the Paths Network at When white Nationalists stormed the US Capitol January 6th, some wore T-shirts with the slogan ‘6MWE’. That was short hand for 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust weren’t enough. This in the country that defeated those responsible for that genocide, and brought the leaders to justice. In this week’s concluding episode of Challenge 2.0, Addicted to Hate, we examine how we are called to respond.

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In last week’s edition of Challenge 2.0, we heard the stories of two Holocaust survivors. Women who rebuilt their lives only to be confronted by the latest generation of White Nationalists who either claim the Holocaust never happened or didn’t kill enough Jews. This week, we examine the motivations of both these hate groups and the Holocaust survivors who are confronting their assertions.

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